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August 12, 2001
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Archbishop's Wife Pleads to See Husband
Times Headlines
•  Report Assails Botched Probe of Lee Spy Case
•  Macedonia's Leaders Sign Deal Paving Way for Peace
•  Israeli Army Invades Town in West Bank
•  Leader Stirs Anger With Shrine Visit
•  Russia Resists Rumsfeld on Scrapping '72 Arms Pact

, From Times Wire Reports

The wife of an archbishop whose marriage scandalized the Vatican pleaded tearfully to be allowed to see her husband and threatened to go on a hunger strike if church officials denied her request.

In Rome, Maria Sung suggested that the church was holding her husband, Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, against his will after he met with the pope and Vatican officials in an effort to open a dialogue and avert his excommunication.

Milingo, a Zambian who traveled to Italy with his South Korean wife, met Tuesday with the pope to discuss his reasons for getting married in a mass wedding held by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's church. A Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Ciro Benedettini, said Milingo should be left alone to pray.

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