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'Mugabe is behind this. In Europe you call it ethnic cleansing'

'What did my kids do to deserve this?'

West Bank a shooting gallery as Palestinians answer invasion

Fleeing Albanians shot in the back by police

Execution of man who murdered at 17 to go ahead

Pakistani leader sets election date as sweetener for IMF

Anger as Kinnock puts EU tongues in check

Saddam calls out protesters

Third plea for UN to back international monitors

International news in brief

Sharon's forces close in on Bethlehem

Washington criticises 'provocative' incursion

Envoys cannot meet Afghanistan aid workers

Rebels promiseto give up arms

Doctors accused of G8 brutality

International news in brief

Wednesday August 15, 2001
The Guardian

Cloning doctor to sue minister
The Italian doctor whose planned human cloning trials have caused an international controversy told the French radio station Europe 1 yesterday that he was suing the health minister, Bernard Kouchner, for his "very violent" public attack on him and his project.

Severino Antinori said he wanted 18m for Dr Kouchner's calling him "Doctor Crazy Ethics" and saying that Italy should strike him off the medical register. Reuters, Paris

Gunman kills Greek villagers
A man opened fire on people attending religious festivities in Kappadokiko, central Greece, yesterday, killing three men and injuring four, the authorities said.

Iraklis Misailidis, 36, said he had personal differences with two of the people killed, according to the regional police chief, Odysseas Delis. AP, Athens

Morocco holds former agent
The former Moroccan secret agent Ahmed Boukhari, who recently accused security officials of torturing and killing political opponents in past decades, has been arrested after complaints in court that his cheques were bouncing, relatives said yesterday.

They said they did not know where he was being held. Mr Boukhari had claimed that the exiled leftist leader Mehdi Ben Barka died after being tortured by senior Moroccan military men near Paris in 1965. Reuters, Rabat

Corruption bill fails in Kenya

Opposition MPs have defeated a bill to amend the Kenyan constitution and set up the anti-corruption authority demanded by in ternational donors. They said it was too weak. AP, Nairobi

Giant wing flies highest
Nasa's giant solar-powered flying machine landed on the Hawaiian island of Kauai yesterday after flying higher than anything but a rocket.

Helios Prototype, which looks more like something from the early days of aviation than a product of the US space agency, reached more than 96,500ft (29.4km). The old record was 80,200ft. It was trying for 100,000ft. AP, Hawaii

Eve-of-holiday bomb in India
A bomb on a train near New Delhi killed at least three people on the eve of today's independence day holiday. The authorities suspect separatist guerrillas from the north-east or Kashmir. AP, New Delhi

Vatican 1, Moonies 0
The Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, whose Moonie marriage to a South Korean shocked the Vatican, is giving up his wife, severing his links with the Rev Sun Myung Moon, and returning to the church, the Vatican said yesterday. AP, Rome

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