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Sunday, September 02, 2001

Bishop's Wife Stands by Him

aria Sung is standing by her archbishop husband — even if he won't have her.

Sung, 43, who married Catholic Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, 71, in May in a New York ceremony performed by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, flew into Kennedy Airport last night from Europe, where she had gone to find Milingo at the Vatican. She was greeted by 15 maverick clergyman who came to show their support.

After the Vatican threatened to excommunicate Milingo, he renounced his marriage and said, "The calling of the church is my primary pledge, and the right one."

Fighting back tears last night, Sung, dressed in a soft rose-colored dress and brown heels, said through a translator that she still considers Milingo her husband and that they are "an eternal couple." She said it was her job as his wife to support his decision.

Sung said again that she and Milingo consummated their nuptials.

Martin Mbugua and Maki Becker

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