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Rev. Sun Young Moon visits Mobile

Shelby Brown

Mobile, AL, March 24 - He’s known mostly for leading a movement active in 190 nations and today, the Port City rolled out the red carpet for the world known religious leader Sun-Young Moon.

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Shelby Brown

       28 days ago, he launched his national tour and today worshippers of all faiths flocked downtown to take part in the “We Will Stand” tour.
     The Mobile Convention Center filled with people from all walks of life, different denominations, different races, but today they all came together as one. All singing the same praises, all opening their ears to hear Reverend Sun-Young Moon’s message, one of rebuilding families and restoring and uniting communities.
     “We are one family and we want to stand together to end all the problems of our society. We believe division does not serve our purpose.” “The Christian family we believe is coming together them standing together to break down wall that divide us, racism, denominationalism, husband and wife.”
     Religious leaders of all faiths from around the country gathered in Mobile to support Reverend Moon’s national tour. Like Dr. Wyatt T. Walker, a nationally recognized figure in human rights and international affairs. Also known for his position as chief of Staff to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
     He says Rev. Moon’s message couldn’t come at a better time, considering the rash of school shootings around the country.
     It’s because of these pressing issues that Moon’s marathon tour rolls on at record speed, 50 states in 51 days. Organizers say while folks turn out in record numbers to get their blessing, they pray worshipers will not only hear the message, but also spread it.
     Moon is credited with organizing the Family Federations for World Peace and Unification.
     The next stop on his 51day tour is Los Angeles and it heads to New Orleans on Monday.
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