A world famous and sometimes controversial reverend is paying a visit to Mobile. The Reverend Sun Myung Moon of the World Peace and Unification Church came to town with fellow clergy to preach unity.

Hundreds of people packed into a convention center ballroom to hear the Reverend Sun Myung Moon. His message was, "Together we can rebuild the family; restore the community; renew the nation and ultimately the world. " The Reverend Michael Jenkins of the Unification Church says he believes the Christian family is coming together and standing to knock down the wall of racism and denominationalism.

Mobile, Alabama was the twenty-eighth city on a fifty-one day tour that will pass through all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Today's stop was part of a "We Will Stand" national tour. The people say they are standing form what they say God would have them to do.

There were pastors from as close as Birmingham, to as far as New York and Philadelphia who came to Mobile today in hopes to promote complete togetherness. They believe that when everyone is joined together as one in Christ in our thinking and our actions, we can accomplish anything easier.

Ministers and participants of all races and faiths are part of the "We Will Stand" tour. This includes Christians, Muslims, Jews, members of the Nation of Islam, and countless others. The ministers present today said the way to make progress toward building a better world, is to rebuild our families and communities, together.