The Houston Chronicle

March 25, 2001, Sunday 2 STAR EDITION


Moon shines in Motor City

Shouts of Praise God! and Amen! echoed through the Little Rock Baptist Church in Detroit as people of varying races and religions listened to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon talk about the need for people to come together and purge evil from American society. The time has come for America to awaken once again, the 81-year-old Moon said earlier this week through an interpreter. It's time for the country as a whole to create a new movement to build up true parents, true families, a true country and a true world centered on God. The founder of the Unification Church visited Detroit as part of We Will Stand, a 50-day, 50-state tour. The event drew a large number of area clergy and interested people of different
faiths. Moon started the movement in 1945 after he said Jesus Christ spoke to him.