Casper Star-Tribune
Wednesday, March 28th, 2001

Moon Cites Life's Work, Blessing Marriages
By Tom Morton, Star-Tribune Staff Writer

CHEYENNE - The Rev. Sun Myung Moon declared Tuesday that he and his ministry, in effect, have endured persecution and are now establishing the final process of God's work on earth through the creation of the "true family".

"Rev. Moon followed God's direction, Jesus' call, to come to America," Moon said through a translator before more than 250 people attending a banquet on the 50-state "Stand Together America" tour.

"But there was no support, no preparation," he said. "I was mocked, spit at, laughed at, but I didn't care. I had a purpose, a mission, to protect American Christianity for the sake of God's providence."

While he did not directly identify himself as the Messiah, his speech and reading from a prepared text focused on the importance of his native Korea during the end of the world, the timing of historical events that coincide with his life and ministry, and oblique references to himself as "the Lord of the Second Advent".

Moon, founder of the Unification Church, stopped in Wyoming during the "Stand Together America" tour in which he will speak in 50 states in 51 days to "break down the walls" of denomination, race, and husband and wife, said the Rev. Michael Jenkins of the American Clergy Leadership Conference before the banquet.

The idea for the tour started in Moon's native Korea with 150 pastors, and has since attracted the support of 12,000 clergy, Jenkins said. Other ministers, including Cheyenne City Councilman the Rev. C.J. Brown and the Rev. William Ephriam of Colorado Springs, encouraged people to be open to Moon, whose ideas, influence over followers and business
dealings. During his speech, Moon jokingly referred to his controversial past. "While Rev. Moon is a brainwasher, in a short time maybe you have been brainwashed."

The Unification Church, Moon and his followers, derided as "Moonies," were regarded as cultic in the 1970s, especially as young people devoted their lives in poverty while the leadership of the church lived in luxury.

The subsequent banquet featured an invocation by the Rev. Louis Johnson of the New Beginnings Christian Church of Casper, and John Kambutu, professor of educational studies at the University of Wyoming Casper College Center. Former Natrona County Republican Party Chairman Marvin Emrich said he and his wife Maureen were invited by Michael Hentrich, of Casper, a member of the Family Federation for World Peace. Maureen Emrich said she recently received the American Century Award by The Washington Times Foundation.

The unification behind Moon is to "rebuild the family, restore the community, and renew the nation and world," according to promotional literature. The entire effort depends on the sanctification of the family, which began as a formal movement in 1995 with Moon's mass weddings of millions of couples, Jenkins said during the news conference. "We do believe a new age has dawned." The "Stand Together" movement does not discriminate against single people, who can be blessed by God," Jenkins said.

However, people cannot exhibit "the full reflection of God" unless they are married, he said.

Moon amplified that in a nearly two-hour long speech that dealt with love, sex organs, the roles of men and women, philosophical aspects of "subject" and "object," conflicts between mind and body, and the shortcomings of Jesus 2000 years ago.

God sent Jesus to redeem the world, Moon said.

However, the Jews should have built Jesus a palace and prepared a perfect bride so he could have married and have had children to create a true family, Moon said.

"Don't you think Jesus would have wanted to marry if he found a holy bride? If a holy bride sent by God was there, and they were together, don't you think Jesus would have functioned like a man, like between a husband and wife?"

If Jesus and his wife had a family, their descendents would have been able to conquer the Roman empire and establish a political kingdom that would endure, he said. "Then, there wouldn't be George W. Bush as president of America, but one of Jesus' descendents would be king."

The purpose of the Lord of the Second Advent is to restore true life, true love and true lineage.

God needs families - ordered by a husband's leadership over his wife - so He can be at the center of love, Moon said. And to be perfect families, they must be blessed by one chosen by God, he said.

"What if the Lord of the Second Advent doesn't come on a cloud, but comes in a physical body?"