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Rev. Moon emphasizes importance of family
Sunday News Correspondent

NASHUA — Stressing the importance of the family unit, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon addressed an overflow crowd of about 500 people yesterday at the Nashua Marriott as part of a 50-state, 51-day speaking tour.

“This is the time when the parent and children who have been long separated meet again,” the leader of the Unification Church said in a speech on “America and True Parents.”

“The new earth and the new heaven, where there are no tears, are to be established,” Moon said. “It is an age when there is free communication between the spirit world and the physical world, and when God’s kingdom is established in heaven and on earth.”

The appearance drew ministers and their congregations from across the state to what will likely be the 81-year-old Moon’s last speaking tour. Clergy from a variety of Christian denominations, under the American Clergy Leadership Conference, are supporting Moon on his tour.

Local businessman Mark Hanlon said the basic message of Moon’s speech pertained “to the path people should follow in order to create good families and how to revive Christianity and break down the barriers between families.”

Hanlon said the theme seemed to resonate with those attending, adding that Moon sees “personal morality — the problem of mind and body”— as the key to bringing and keeping the family together.

“The basic problem is the misuse of love,” said Hanlon, a member of the Family Federation of World Peace and Unification. “The marriage relationship is a sacred thing and it should be preserved by people.”

In addition, Moon also spoke on his life and his role in America in the last several decades. He believes that America was chosen by God to be a land of religious freedom.

“If America attends God properly, all America’s problems — the family problems, moral problems, youth problems, racial problems — will be solved naturally,” Moon said. “When America becomes a place where people of all races can live together in harmony, it will be a model for the kingdom of heaven on Earth.”

Moon thanked the audience members for attending, before saying, “I would like to conclude by expressing my hope for the beginning of a new millennial kingdom overflowing with peace, freedom and justice in heaven and on earth.”

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