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Reports & Photos
9/29 Columbus, OH

On Saturday, September 29, 2001 a week after the National Prayer and Healing Service, we held a local service of Prayer and healing as a follow-up. Continue...
Rev. Michael Jenkins, President of FFWPUPastor Richard Bishop, Day-by-Day MinistersBishop Wilbert Buttler, Cornerstone Pentecostal ChurchMrs. Bonnie Crawford - wife of a Pastor, New Salem Missionary Baptist Church
Pastor Dorothy Burton, Cleveland, OhioGroup PicturePaster Michael Palladino, Little House of Hope ChurchMrs. Julian Ash, Buddhist (India)
Overseer Wilson JemisonMaster Soo and Master JuddyDr. Joseph Russell, Faith Ministries ChurchMrs. Sharlyn Palladino, Little House of Hope Church
Bishop Andy Lewter, Oakley Full Gospel Baptist Church

9/22 Harlem, NY

National Day of Prayer and Healing Report

Over 1000 clergy joined together today for the Interfaith Prayer Breakfast. The Secretary of State of New York, Rev. Preston Washington of Harlem and many important representatives of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and all world religions attended. Continue...

9/8 West Orange, NJ

Revival Meeting

9/8 Washington, DC

ACLC Prayer Breakfast

9/6 Bronx, NY

Revival Event

9/6 New Jersey

New Jersey Prayer Breakfast

9/3 Harlem, NY

Interfaith Prayer Breakfast

9/2 Washington, DC

We Will Stand! ACLC Convocation

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