Denver, CO

May 23 - 26, 2001

We started off the Revival in Rev. Demmer's church, Graham Memorial C.O.G.I.C., on Wednesday. It was encouraging to see that most of his congregation was there. Rev. Demmer had prepared a wonderful spirit to welcome the revival and to welcome Rev. William Ephriam, who was the speaker for the night. Rev. Demmer truly respects and honors Rev. Ephriam as an elder brother. Five ministers, including our regional director, Rev. Lee, were seated behind the pulpit. As the praise team was late, Rev. Demmer and his wife started us off in song. Everyone was on his or her feet. The Japanese choir also offered songs and then Rev. Ephriam was welcomed to the pulpit. Rev. Demmer and his head deacon sat in the front row and punctuated the sermon with "Amen" and "That's right!" Rev Ephriam started off with a long reading on Jesus. After a few minutes our members could recognize that he was reading from the new book of True Father's words on Jesus. He finished and said. "Those aren't my words, those are Rev. Moon's words" Everyone was surprised. No one could deny that they had been saying "Amen" to Rev. Moon's words for the past 15 minutes. Everyone had to admit that Rev. Moon's words were very deep and right on the mark! Rev. Ephriam went on to tell about his own life and testimony. When the evening was over we all went home happy and revived.

The second night was at 430 Years C.O.G.I.C., Rev. Wesley's church. Several ministers came to support our efforts there. One of our local members brought a minister she had been led to speak to at the cemetery where she was visiting her mother-in-law's grave. She felt strongly that her mother-in-law wanted her to witness to this man! Rev. Marie Lee of Mt. Carmel church gave a short talk on family and community. Our Colorado State leader, Rev. Ngalame, then followed with a spirited presentation on the fall of man. The Japanese choir also gave a wonderful presentation and Mrs. Lee's rendition of " My Tribute" brought the house down. The pastor was truly inspired and expressed his hope that we would come and do it again at his church.

The third night we were at Mt. Carmel Community Baptist Church. Their program director, Linda Brame, had helped us in planning the revival and had made up a flier and a program for us. Three ministers from Mt. Carmel church all gave short sermons before the main speaker. Rev. Josephine Falls of Fishers of Men fellowship, who had joined us each night of the revival, was the MC for the program. The main speaker was Rev. Thomas Mayes of the Living Waters Christian Center. He gave a talk centering on the theme of loving your enemy as the starting point of restoring the family. Rev. Demmer came and also gave strong support to the program. Later, Rev. Lee was asked to speak and also gave a wonderful short sermon on the importance of family. When we hear the sermons of other ministers we can always feel how much True Parents' teaching has to offer to Christianity which has been fighting on without a clear understanding of God's will for so long.

On Saturday we had a discussion of how we could build on and improve the revivals. We decided to try to insert a short TFV PowerPoint presentation into each night's program. We also decided to work on a sermon manual for the ministers. We would highlight sermon topics relating to the family and include relevant Bible verses and Hoon Dok Hae readings. We would collect sermon outlines from our members as well as from local ministers who are committed to this theme. This would then become a resource to serve ministers. Our visiting national Messiah, Rev. Kwun agreed to also help with this project. We discussed many more ideas and we have hope to grow and improve our program. The following week, we met with Rev. Mayes and Rev. Demmer and also got their input and suggestions. We will use many of these suggestions and we also decide d to form a "Family Revival Planning Committee" which will include these two ministers, our leadership and other clergy.