Kansas City, Kansas

May 30, 2001 - June 2, 2001

Wednesday, May 30th
Emcee: Rev. Mary Anglin
Guests: Reaping the Harvest Church
•Rev. Leo Standley, Minister (Moderator)
•Pastor Charlie Carter, Speaker
•Deacon Harris
•Praise team, youth dancers, and musicians
One Soul Music Ministry
Attendance: 70

  Friday, June 1st: (Youth Night)
Emcee: Brother Bernard Crawford
Guests: BTC Ministries
•Musicians, youth dancer, youth soloist
Rev. Mary Anglin, Speaker
Brother Mario Williams, Speaker
Rev. Luis Matos, Canaan Iglesia
Slagle High School Choir
One Soul Music Ministry
Attendance: 70

Thursday, May 31st
Emcee: Rev. Mary Anglin
Guests: Greater Inspirational Church of God in Christ
•Rev. Andrew Ward, Speaker
•Deacons, pianist, drummer and choir
Rev. Luis Matos, Canaan Iglesia
Singer: Alvena Henderson
One Soul Music Ministry
Attendance: 50
  Saturday, June 2nd
Emcee: Rev. Mary Anglin
Guests: Bread of Life Outreach Ministries
•Rev. Leroy Sullivan, Speaker
•Deacons, musicians, choir
Rev. Mary Anglin, Speaker
Rev. J.J. Woods
One Soul Music Ministry
Attendance: 65

Kansas' revival was organized by Mary Anglin and Candace Dean, a sister from Christ's Church of the Jesus Hour. Pastor Davis had attended the Harlem event with Mary Anglin. He took seriously the instruction that "each church" should do a three-day revival; so he announced it in his church without hesitation. Additional footwork to get the word out about the revival was done by Mary Helen Robles, You Lan Bribach, Don Marsolek, and Dawn Dillinger. Mayumi Crider assisted by babysitting for the Anglin children.

Pastor Davis returned from New York with a serious heart to follow the instruction to do a revival. We were told that each state must do a revival; he interpreted this as each church, meaning he himself. That night at service, without verifying with me, he announced that his church would host a 3-day revival under "Sister Mary's guidance".

There is a lady evangelist in his church, Sister Candace Dean, who has truly taken a John the Baptist position. She immediately jumped on this revival - just asking me for instruction on what to do. She was instrumental in the organization.

Pastor Davis' church did a 24-hour prayer vigil as we began preparations, not specifically for the revival, but it was one of the prayer points. During this time I discovered that Candace prays for True Parents everyday, also for Pastor Barrett and Rev. Wachstetter. They're all on her prayer list.

We were happy to have Rev. Lee and Mr. Kwon attend the first day of the revival. Rev. Lee spoke briefly at the end of the evening. The crowd appreciated his words on living righteously and following your conscious. Rev. Leo Standley really brought in the Revival-spirit with his church participants. One of his pastors spoke, instead of himself. Pastor Carter didn't focus on the topic of family, but Rev. Standley did try to say a few words at the end to bring it together.

Sister Candace had arranged Reaping the Harvest Church to participate this first night. I had not been able to speak with Rev. Standley ahead of time. At the end of the evening he invited me to speak at his church sometime. When I gave him my card he realized who I was. "You're Family Federation... you're with Rev. Moon!" Then he and his deacon went on to praise Father's work and vision. They truly respect Father based on his speech here and on His life, as portrayed on the video. Mrs. Standley also wants me to speak to her women's group. She said, "I know you have a word in you that we all have to hear." I can see that spirit world is really testifying to us.

Rev. Andrew Ward brought his people the second night. Rev. Ward is a COGIC minister who had attended ICC years ago. After going to Korea he became negative. When I spoke with him after Father's talk, he said he'd changed his mind and now truly believes that Rev. Moon is good. His talk was very focused, very good and the music uplifting. He had a prayer session at the conclusion of his talk. Being somewhat spiritually open, he prophesied that Don Marsolek is a man of agape love and would bring many people to God (note: he didn't know Don before). He mentioned that I'm a woman of God with a mission not of my own, but by God's hand. So he gave good testimony to our members without knowing it.

Rev. Matos, of Canaan Iglesia Defenders, came late, after a meeting at his church. He spoke briefly on family & youth (he works a lot with youth). One thing he said was that when he entered Christ's Church that night he saw that it was full of angels!

Friday night was stormy. Several tornadoes had touched down not far from us, but still 70 people came out for the revival!

This was youth night, though actually there were many adults in the crowd. Brother Bernard Crawford brought his people. They are a young group of witnessers; I don't believe they have their own building, but work out of others' churches. I gave a talk on the Purpose of Creation, the Fall and True Love. This was well received by the crowd, as well as by Brother Crawford and his wife. I believe we have a new group to work with! After I spoke, several young ladies came up and thanked me for "letting God answer my prayers through you".

Brother Mario Williams spoke after I did. He's a young man who grew up on the streets, went to prison at the age of 19, etc. He spoke of the need to reach the un-churched as God's representatives. One point was that kids join gangs because they have no family; then he gave testimony to the necessity of true family values. He had quite a powerful message.

Slagle High School has a choir branch of Christian teenagers. Sister Candace had been trying to contact them for over a month for another project, but had been unsuccessful. On Friday, they just walked in out of nowhere and asked if they could join our revival. Candace, of course, says it's because we are truly of God! They performed and were very good!

On Saturday we asked Rev. Leroy Sullivan, of Bread of Life Ministries, to speak. Rev. Sullivan is very well-respected throughout Kansas City for his many outreach programs.
He brought a small crowd with him on Saturday and gave quite an uplifting and meaningful message on marriage.

I spoke as well on Saturday. Since many in the crowd had heard me all week, I felt moved to simply read an edited version of Bishop Millingo's Statement of Grace, as a summary to what I had previously spoken. This was, of course, deeply moving.

We're sorry that Rev. Lee could only be here one night, but are grateful that he was able to drive so far to attend. I think the people felt honored that he came so far. One gentleman asked where he was the next night.

As the revival came to a close, Pastor Davis wanted to know "where do we go from here, what's next?' He is very spiritually-led to follow us, though he hasn't yet grasped who Father is, and I don't think he even realizes how obedient he is. He is also really opening the door for us to many others in the Christian community.

The happy problem we have is that we don't have enough members to take care of all the positive ministers. This forces our creativity - we'll have to do more and more in large group settings, several churches at once. We're open to suggestions!

As I speak or pray in a church, I'm always invited to do more, at more places. I realize how ready, and hungry, people are to hear what Father has taught us. God wants to reach so many through us. My only fear is if I can be open enough and pure enough for God to give all He wants through me. I'm anxious to get settled in KC so that I can be so much more available to the people. Several churches have our move on their prayer list!

I'm sorry for anything I may have forgotten and for my poor conveyance of the spirit of the revival. On Sunday our own members expressed their gratitude and noted how beneficial this revival was for them as well.