Thursday - June 7, 2001


This evening, the first penecost revival of the American Clergy LeadershipConference took place in Fort Lauderdale at the "Miracles Through Prayer and Faith Ministries" of Rev. Earl S. Richards. The warm, humid air stirred as if in anticipation of a hurricane approaching.

The Miracle Praise Team then launched into a praise of Jesus for all his mercy and glory, exorting the congregation to prayer and in preparation for His Blessing tonight! There were twenty-two ministers up on the altar: although dissimilar in size, gender, race, denomination, as different as any people could be, they jumped up as one clapping and shouting together in unison, living up to the very unity and oneness they espouse. Each having a red carnation pinned on his or her lapel, a significant symbol of love, a oneness of God's True Love!

The evening started at seven but by ten was just reving up into high gear as Bishop Stallings of the Imani Temple of Washington, D.C. approached the pulpet. His lovely new oriental bride was sitting in the front row, smiling quietly but supportingly to her famous husband who had shaken the Roman Caholic Church by taking his Black congregation from the fold to create the first African American Catholic church.

Beginning with an acronym for the word "BIBLE" as "Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth" he beseeched the audience to start with Apostle Paul's words of Romans 12:1-2 explaining that the body is to be a living sacrifice, one has to die to his own way of life, die to his own view of self, and die to his own will. Then excitedly launched into Genesis from God's image as male and female, to the point of the fall that the guilt from sin led them to cover their lower parts, not their mouth, signifying fornication with the Devil. Amid shouts of "Amen" the audience ran along with him, through passages of the Old Testament ,New Testament and Black urban lore. Bishop Stallings led all to the importance of the change of blood lineage in order that love and life would take on vertical significance to God. Then Christians could come to help Jesus fulfill his work, and be messiahs: annointed and appointed people of God.

He challenged the congregation to see if this was Biblical and Christian. Upon revealing it was acceptable truth, he revealed the source of this understanding as coming from the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The silence was golden. After two seconds, all rose to their feet in applause and shouts of praise and glory to Jesus, "Amen" and Halleluah". All came up to the altar call for anointing with special oil from Rev. Richards, and prayers for those who needed healing for their families, husbands and wives. A joyous noise to the Lord arose this night in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!