Kansas 4 - Day Revival Report
Topic: Women of the 3rd Millennium

July 9 - 12, 2001
Location one: Reaping the Harvest Ministries
Rev. Leo Standley, Pastor
Location two: Christ's Church of the Jesus Hour
Pastor Russell W. Davis, Pastor
Both at 18th St. & State Ave. - Kansas City, Kansas

Monday, July 9, 2001
Reaping the Harvest Ministries

  • Pastor Cynthia Standley, Emcee
  • Sister Carrie Cameron, Testimony
  • Rev. Mary Anglin, Speaker
  • Praise team, soloist, prayer warrior
  • Attendance: 80

Wednesday, July 11, 2001
Reaping the Harvest Ministries

  • Evangelist Sonia Slaughter, Emcee
  • Rev. Mary Anglin, Speaker
  • Praise team, praise dancers, soloists, prayer warrior
  • Attendance: 60

Tuesday, July 10, 2001
Christ's Church of the Jesus Hour

  • Sister Tammy Holmes, Emcee
  • Evangelist Sonia Slaughter, Speaker
  • Praise team, soloists, prayer warrior
  • Attendance: 50

Thursday, July 12, 2001
Christ's Church of the Jesus Hour

  • Sister Trina Bernard, Emcee
  • Evangelist Candace Dean, Speaker
  • Praise team, soloists, prayer warrior
  • Attendance: 40

Kansas City's second revival of the season was an event greatly anticipated by the community. The theme was "Women of the 3rd Millennium - Days of Inspiration". Our scripture was Psalm 98:1, "O, Sing unto the Lord a new song!" The focus of our talks centered around this topic: becoming new women for God.

The preparation for this revival by the churches themselves was incredible:

  1. Two sisters from Christ's Church prayed and fasted the week prior to the event. One of those sisters spent two weeks dropping in at other churches' services to witness about the revival & give flyers.
  2. Rev. Slaughter & his wife went to the mountains the weekend before to pray and meditate.
  3. Rev. Standley and his wife prayed for three weeks prior. They fasted intermittently during that time. Their women's group did a shut in prayer at the church on the Friday prior to the revival.

The first night of our revival was geared specially to Pastors' Wives and Women in Ministry. We sent out beautiful invitations (designed by Steve Anglin, our resident professional designer). We had beautiful flyers for the full revival, with Monday's special invitees noted.

The Holy Spirit truly descended Monday night! We had 80 of these special women in attendance. The talk was presented by Rev. Mary Anglin and was titled, "Woman's value from God's Point of View." This was, of course, based upon Divine Principle teachings and Father's words to us over the years. Every woman in that church was in tears! Here are some comments from that first night:

  • Rev. Charlie Lott: " I felt fire in my hands when I raised them in prayer! There were chills up and down my spine when you said 'we must step up to the plate' - the Spirit put those exact words in my heart just this morning."
  • Brother Marrio Williams: "Very eye-opening! Anointed message! Over the millennia these facts have been hidden until now."
  • Sister E.S. Fuller: "Tonight's word was a great spiritual blessing to me!"
  • Sister Sandy Burks: "Tonight I finally felt the weight lifted - I have been blessed!"
  • Sister Katherine Lehmann: "I felt anointed tonight!"
  • Sister Andrea Ruiz: "Anointed preaching!"
  • Sister L.Z. Sauls: "I will go wherever you preach - this word is so uplifting!"
  • And finally Rev. Leo Standley to one of the visiting evangelists:
    "This woman has a message that must go to the four corners of the Earth! You support her and strengthen her and take this word out!"

The second night's talk was given by Evangelist Sonia Slaughter. The theme was letting go of the past and taking responsibility for our own growth. The crowd was very enthusiastic. Several comments:

  • Rev. Beth Green: "I love what you women are pulling together here!"
  • Sister Ann Brown: " I want to be involved with your group!"

Rev. Anglin again presented the third night's talk. The theme was having a love-relationship with God; a simplified version of the Principle of Creation. Two comments from that night:

  • Deacon Harris: "These are the basics. If we can get these basics down we can solve all our problems!"\
  • Rev. Charlie Lott: "Too deep, Sister, too deep!"

Thursday's talk was given by Evangelist Candace Dean. The topic was loving yourself enough to say no. She gave many, many scriptures that support abstinence and purity.

Though this revival was geared toward women, there were a few men who braved attendance each night. They all enjoyed themselves. Comments from three Ministers in attendance:

  • Pastor Russell Davis: "You women please do not stop here. You are the force that will revitalize Kansas City. I'm proud to be associated with you!"
  • Rev. Leo Standley: "God revealed to me that something great involving women would come to Kansas City. I know you are whom he told me about. I am proud to be with you from the beginning. You must go out and save this city. You have all my support & any assistance you need will be forthcoming."
  • Rev. J.C. Slaughter: "I have to obey God. He told me to embrace you women. My support will never wane. Come to me for any help you need."

The result of this revival is a new women's group in Kansas City named "Women of the 3rd Millennium." This is a name I received in prayer. There are many women anxious to get together with us; there is a core group of about 7, only 2 being UC sisters. I believe what God wants us to do is get the word out on the value of women - to break down the barriers around their hearts so that He can begin truly relating to them and they can begin their process of growth, of true liberation. Our women are excited to become a travelling revival team! We will also investigate worthy programs we can give our support and help to.

I know that one year ago I could not have given such a well-received message. It is based upon Mother's victory, which has truly spiritually liberated us, as well as upon the foundation at Chung Pyung. God's patience with us is astounding. Let's not make Him wait any more!