June 12 - 14, 2001

The revival was hosted by the True Vine Missionary Baptist Church, Pastored by Rev. Jessie Griffin. Our Keynote speaker on all three nights was the Rev. T.L. Barrett. Inspirational messages were given by; Rev. Alphonse Reff of Wayman A.M.E. Church, Rev. James Gavin of the Family Federation for World Peace and Rev. Arthur Agnew of Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church.

Beautiful flyers and programs for the event were prepared by Dr. Gordon Anderson and distributed by our members. Banners were prepared by Rev. Jim Bard and the Church was cleaned and decorated by our members.

The first night of the revival over 120 people attended and participated. Our host pastor Rev. Jessie Griffin who served as the master of ceremonies thanked Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Family Federation for inspiring the coming together of so many people from all faiths races and cultures to worship, praise God and grow in His word together. Rev. Griffin has participated in Family Federation activities since 1985. He has been to Korea twice and is one of our original 120 ministers.

We followed the same basic program all three nights. One of our Members Walter Battle who comes from a family of great African American preachers brought his cousin Arthur who performed solos on all three nights. His wonderful baritone voice inspired everyone. Our Japanese choir made up mostly from local members and a few visititing missionaries was well received as they brought a beautiful spirit to the event. Rev. Reff gave an inspirational message on the revival of the family, he acknowledged the great work Rev Moon and the Family Federation is doing with family value education. Rev. Reff has gone to a number of our conferences in the past and volunteered his church to conduct another revival this coming fall. He loves True Parents and values our members, especially Marika Hoegle who has worked with him over the years.

Rev. Wright's son Bryan offered a solo to prepare the room to hear Rev. Barrett's message. He has a beautiful voice and did a terrific job of uplifting us all three nights of the revival. Rev. Wright sent his son Jamal to the United Nations blessing where True Parents blessed him and his fiancee. Most recently Rev. Wright and his wife were one of the 60 minister couples Blessed by True Parents.

Rev. Barrett started his sermon by acknowledging a lady in the audience who he had not seen in 10 years. She was from his church in Chicago and he told her she was going to be surprised to hear what had happened to his family. He then told the congregation that he had traveled with Rev. Moon on the 52-city tour in 50 days. He told us that since the tour was focused on creating true families it was uncomfortable for him to have been separated from his wife for over 10 years and be speaking during the tour. He said Rev. Moon had offered to match him to a good wife on a few occasions and he told Rev. Moon that he wanted to reunite with his wife. He said on hearing this Rev. Moon went into a prayerful state and then told him that he and his wife would be reunited very soon. Rev. Barrett found this hard to believe since his wife had remarried and he had not spoken to her in a long time. He began dreaming night after night about his wife and then decided God was trying to tell him something so he called his wife who was at the beauty parlor getting a facial. He told the beautician to tell her she didn't need a facial she was already very beautiful. She had just been thinking about Rev. Barrett as being the only person in her life to make her feel appreciated and then the beautician came with his message. Shortly after that they reunited. Rev. Barrett attributed this to Rev. Moon's prayer. He said, True Parents, Rev. and Mrs. Moon brought our family back together. Without True Parents my wife and I would still be separated and our family would be divided. Rev. Moon has been anointed by Jesus to heal our families and bring us together under God. After his testimony he gave a sermon on how we have to have faith before God can act in our lives.

Wednesday night we had around the same number of people as the first night. Several deacons from the various churches inspired the congregation with prayer and songs. Rev. Gavin from the Family Federation gave an inspirational message on the necessity of remaining pure before marriage, faithful in marriage and becoming True Parents. The message came from the Divine Principle interpretation of the fall of man and called on people to become fruitful before marriage or as Jesus taught us in Matthew chapter 5 "to be perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect" and multiply Gods perfect love through our children to change our communities and our world. Two deacons asked for copies of the message so that they could study Rev. Moon's teaching regarding the fall of man. Rev. Barrett gave another rousing message and people were asked to bring more people the following night.

Thursday night, the final night of the revival, was the best, over 200 people attended. Rev. Griffin's daughter inspired everyone one with a deep felt spiritual song that she offered before our first speaker. Rev. Arthur Agnew from Bethesda Missionary Baptist gave the inspirational message. He brought his musicians and members of his choir and they brought the house down. The music director was an old friend of Pastor Barrett. He was the former music director for project PUSH in Chicago. Rev. Agnew acknowledged the Family Federation's contribution for making the revival such a big success as he gave his message to the congregation.

Rev. Barrett concluded the evening with his sermon and offered a special prayer. His entire prayer was centered on True Parents. He prayed for the victory that took place in True Parents 50 state tour. He thanked God for inspiring True Parents to restore the family in America. He prayed for the good health and long life of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. He thanked God for inspiring Rev. Moon to work with ministers to conduct the revivals that were taking place all over the country. He prayed that we could work together beyond denomination to heal our nation and bring in God's Kingdom.

At the final alter call one young lady came forward and accepted the Lord and Joined Rev. Wrights New Life Church.

Rev. Jessie Griffin told everyone assembled that he was grateful for Rev. Moon and the Family Federation for making the revival possible. He Thanked Rev. Kim our visiting national messiah and Rev. Seo our regional director for bringing so many people. He thanked Rev. Gavin for bringing the ministers together for the revival. He thanked all the pastors, deacons and church leaders for their participation. He thanked the Japanese choir for their beautiful singing and thanked all the soloists and musicians for the wonderful spirit they created. He concluded by thanking Rev. Reff, Rev. Gavin, Rev. Agnew and especially Rev. Barrett for bringing God's word to the revival.

Rev. Barrett's testimony to True Parents was well done. We met with pastors at lunch and at dinner on different occasions and he was able to talk about his good experiences with True Parents. This prompted our Minnesota ministers to talk about their experiences in Korea and at various conferences. It enabled them to voice their desire to work together with True Parents and other churches to change and strengthen the family, our nation and our world.

Most of all, our Family Federation members were inspired by the response of the churches and the fellowship with people of different races and faiths. Our members can see the fruit of True Parents great efforts and are renewed and inspired to continue to expand the foundation of True Parent's victory to the next level and beyond.