Columbus, Ohio

June 13, 2001 - June 15, 2001

Revival Services were held at AME Zion Church of Dr. Hassani Stone from June 13 through June 15. Originally, we planned to have our revival in the park between East Main Street and 18th Street. But, at the last minute, the owner could not allow us to hold it there because we were not suppose to make noise in that neighborhood with music and also other legal issues. Praise God! A Church nearby, without prior connection with us accepted us unconditionally. That was the first miracle.

We had advertised the event on radio FM 106.3, one pastor, Rev. Mel Griffin of The New Calvary Church, facilitated the advertisement. We were challenged to relocate people from the park to the Church. So, we had had our members and second-generation stand around the park to redirect them, and passing the flyers to passengers every night. Our members got very strong in faith to bring people from the streets to the Church. Our members were revived. Miracles happened, we had 45 people the first night, 55 people the second night and 65 people the third night. Twelve ministers participated including 6 speakers. At each night, people were called to come up front for Healing of their families and marriages.

Some participants (students) were invited to attend the Divine Principle Workshop at our Church few days after the revival, and some ministers are invited to attend the Divine Principle at our Church as immediate follow up.

Graduates sisters in Columbus are on fire. We have a strong special task force. We had people testifying of their broken marriages and families. They were invited on the altar and prayed over for healing and new beginning. Some sisters had dreams that they need to quit their jobs and fully involve in witnessing activities. They are fighting between the vision and the reality and shedding tears every morning as we meet at our Church for Hoon Dok Hue every morning for the 40-Day Mobilization.

There is a lot of hope during this harvest time. All we need to do is to outreach to Christian ministers who are ready to listen to us than before and take a positive stand with us and to unchurched people who are still wondering and searching for a road to true inner peace. Yes, things are happening as long as we connect to the central axis of God's providence!