Christ Community AME Church
Clarkston, GA

Saturday - June 16, 2001

Morning Revival

Just before Fathers' Day, Pastor C. O. Adams who is the president of the AME Union in Atlanta, felt moved by the spirit of God to have a True Family Values Presentation as the centerpiece of his men gathering to serve and love their families.

Hearts and Souls sang some upbeat songs that pulled the audience in the spiritual feast.

Prayers were said to ask God to empower men to fulfill their role in God's design of the Family.

We brought diversity - white, yellow and black standing in oneness.

Rev. Kasongo's soul stirring message focused on the breakdown of the family and God's formula to fix the family. First things, firs, we have to end our separation from God, receive God's lineage and become God's son and daughter who will establish one-world-family under God.

It is time to end denominationalism, racism, sexism, and the breakdown of the family.
Pastor Adams got so inspired that he requested a family summit for all congregations around the en of July.

Over 40 were in attendance, echoing amen(s) and pledged t support the true family movement.