Saturday - June 16, 2001

On June 16th, we were blessed with the arrival of the carriers of the Holy Spirit Rev. Kang and Rev. Song. Like Olympic Torch Bearers brings the flame of life to Montana, they carried great inspiration and education.

As a result, we were blessed with three great events on June 16th, 2001.

The first event was a March Against Drugs and Violence. This was our 4th annual event. The Boy Scouts of Troop 7 and 12 lead the march with the Family Flag in between the American and Montana State flags flying proudly together. It drew about 40 people to the march including ministers, a high school principle, and many community leaders. The Sheriff Department under the leadership of Officer Weston escorted the marchers right down Main Street, walking on the road and turning on his siren and flashing his lights
every so often. This definitely made an impact. The marchers walked for about 2 miles beginning at one park downtown and ending at another park on the Southside of town.

The next event was the main event of the march at the South Park. This included political leaders reading proclamations and letters from the U.S. Senate to the Mayor. Also, several clergy spoke including some inspiring words from Rev. Kang. The spirit was high and the preachers preached stirring the atmosphere and reviving all those who attended. We had a circle of prayer display, which involved 50 picket sticks with white cardboard on top. People placed photos and names of youth that everyone would pray for. At the end of the program, we formed a large circle around the pickets of names and Evangelist Ruth Curtis said a powerful prayer over all those names
in the prayer circle. Ice cream and refreshments were served and the people left the event with renewed hope and inspiration.

That evening we held our concluding event. This was another revival with people returning from the earlier event plus new people coming also. A Catholic lay minister began this program with a few words and a prayer. A spaghetti meal was made a served by our church mothers. Here the spirit just increased more with more preaching and more reviving. Rev. Song blessed us with a sermon on Genesis 1:28. Rev. Kang did an excellent job in translating for Rev. Song. Rev. Song gave an eloquent talk including his testimony of the goodness of Rev. Moon and that Rev. Moon's teachings are not just for the Family Church. The people received him very well. Other ministers spoke adding more words of inspiration and power to the revival. We concluded this event with all people gathering in a circle and ending with a very passionate prayer by Rev. Hilton McClendon.

In total, Rev. McClendon counted about 200 people who attended the three events through the day. There were about 10 ministers who participated through the day and many political and community leaders. We had great news coverage on the two main television stations and the regional/local paper did a great article.

Thank you Heavenly Father, Rev. Kang and Rev. Song for all your prayers and Blessings. Also, we are very grateful for the staff of our Family Church in Billings, elders, home church members and our seminary student for their hard work and dedication over the past weeks in planning and preparing for these events. Let us fan the flames of the Holy Spirit across our land!