Philadelphia, PA
We Will Stand!
"Harvest for the Pentecost"
Holy Spirit Revival

June 20 - 23, 2001

On June 20th - 23rd, 2001 the Pentecostals of Philadelphia Church Pastored by Rev. & Mrs. Jesse Edwards were hosts for the Pennsylvania We Will Stand! Harvest for the Pentecost Holy Spirit Revival. Three nights of song and fellowship blessed by passionate preaching gave all a sense of how God is working in our world today. The victorious 50 state speaking tour was the springboard for local pastors to extend the blessing they received to other pastors and friends. Other Pennsylvania area pastors joined featured preachers each night that offered special prayers and inspiration. It was clear to all that the Holy Spirit is working to heal the family, renew the community and restore the nation and world.

Rain and threats of rain could not dampen the spirits of those who attended. The first night was truly graced as Rev. Edwards and Rev. Michael Jenkins hosted the revival. Everyone was deeply moved by the testimonies of these truly faithful and charismatic men. The Pentecostals of Philadelphia Choir sang beautifully. The evening program was highlighted by the preaching of Bishop Johnson of the Heart of Fire Church in Kentucky. His has a teaching and healing ministry and the Holy Spirit touched many that evening. The second evening offered Rev. Jesse Edwards an opportunity to share his unique vision while inspiring all to a deeper faith and understanding of Jesus and how we are transformed through the love and sacrifices made 2000 years ago. We can renew the community through faith, cooperation and the True Parentage of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He shared that Rev. Moon's vision for the solution of many of our community problems should be prayerfully considered. Rev. Edwards demonstrates his commitment to the community through the many ministries of his church family. The choir was joined by musicians from other churches making it a joyful occasion for all. Ron Brown, a Philadelphia community activist with the "Juneteenth Coalition" and attendee of the We Will Stand speaking event in Philadelphia shared his appreciation for what Rev. Moon and the attending pastors are doing for the community.Other local pastors like Overseer Robert Hanna, Reverend Yvonne Yates and Rev. Georgia Smith shared from their own rich spiritual traditions making this and the other two nights wonderful for everyone.

The final evening featured the special guest appearance of Family Federation Vice President, Levi Daugherty. Wow, what a spirit. Everyone was deeply touched by the love and character of this special person. Singing praise, loving touch and a message straight from the heart. How do we restore the nation and world? By being totally "in love" with our spouse. Let that love shine as an example to the children, community and nation. Heal the wounds inflicted upon a sinful world by loving them to life. Rev. Edwards' daughter and son in law celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. Pastor and Mrs. Sumpter celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary and all who wanted special prayers for their marriages were called to the altar and anointed.

It became clear that our Unification family could inherit the rich spiritual history of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our friends in faith have stood with us in tough and challenging times and now the Holy Spirit can bind our hearts and we can unite for the greater glory of God and the building of God's kingdom here on earth as well as in spirit. We are tearing down the walls of race and denominationalism. We are resolute in our determination that True Parents love will ultimately rule over the remnants of Satan's world. We, the first fruits of the Holy Spirit in Pennsylvania pledge to build God's kingdom here. We will never rest until every man and woman knows True Parents love. We will create a model for salvation that will be a light to the world. Thank you Jesus for your sacrificial love and thank you True Parents for giving us life, love and true lineage. Being engrafted to the True tree of life is the most precious gift of all. We pledge our lives to protect, nurture and multiply the true lineage. God will not have labored and suffered these many millions of years in vain. We recognize the time of our visitation and will not fail.