June 27 - 30, 2001
<Note: Guests include wives of pastors, and children>

Hosting Church

The hosting church for our revival was Su Gran Alabanza Church pastored by Rev. Brian & Sonya Mauricio. The pastor attended "We Will Stand Speech Event and TFV and is a watch recipient.

1st Day June 27, 2001

46 people attended (6 pastors, 10 witnessing guests, 17 members, 14 missionaries)
Pastor Grayling Fuller of Faith Life Ministries preached the first night focusing on the family. (Pastor Fuller is not a watch reciepient but attended "We Will Stand -TP speech", minister prayer breakfast and True Family Values.

2nd Day June 28, 2001

64 people attended (6 pastors, 25 guests, 19members, 14 missionaries)
Pastor Walter Cullen of the Waianae Protestant Church preached the 2nd day of our revival on the community. Pastor Cullen is a long-time Blessed minister and a watch reciepient.The six pastors who attended this evening were different from the 1st day.

3rd Day June 29, 2001

114 people attended (7 pastors, 83 guests, 19 members, 14_missionaries)
Pastor George Chee of the Ohana Family of the Living God church preached on the 3rd night of the revival on the topic of nation. Pastor Chee didn't attend "We Will Stand" because of schedule conflicts and he was not a watch reciepient. However he attended TFV and minister's prayer breakfast after "We will Stand." He had the best testimony of Father at that prayer breakfast. Both Pastor Chee and the hosting church "Su Gran Alabanza-Pastor Mauricio brought the majority of their congregation to the revival. The pastors that attended this revival were a combination of the first two nights

4th Day June 30, 2001

7 guests attended, no ministers came. Rev & Mrs. Cullen taught the TFV lecture to the guests. We did the seminar at our FFWPU chapel at Tensuke.


[One "Church of Christ"Minister]
Prior to meeting our missionaries she had prayed about socializing with other churches. When Japanese missionaries came to the church to sing in a song she was so inspired. When she first received the flyer for our revival she was not initially interested. When she was at Bible study the spirit world told her to pick up the flyer. In a dream the next morning she was guided to dress up to attend the revival.. Long time ago she had a dream about attending a revival in the hosting church building.

[TFV lecture]
One of the guests cried in repentance after the lecture. Most of the reflections after the TFV lecture were good.


The spirit was good on all three nights of the revival. The guests and ministers were happy to fellowship together. The hosting church was quite happy that we had the revival there. The ministers who gave the sermons had a tendency to be a little too "New Testamenty". Pastor Cullen tried to testify about True Father although he could have done a little more than he did. I did the emcee for all three nights hoping to steer the revival according to the main themes and to say something about True Parents role in initiating the revival and founding the United Federation for Churches.

In preparing to have the event we had a hard time getting speakers and a hosting church. Even though it was supposed to be easy but we had a difficult time setting this revival up maybe for seasonal reasons. Only one of core watch recipient ministers could participate in the event. Most of the ministers were having their own revivals, conferences, oversesas travel and vacation Bible schools. Basically we put this revival together at the last week before the scheduled event. Our local UC church members and missionaries were an immense help in providing the atmosphere and attendance. In conclusion we all had hoped that there would have been more testimonies and especially in relationship to True Father.