Chicago, Illinois

Wednesday - June 27, 2001

Rev. Dr. Booker J. Person started the revival on time at 7pm. About 400 people gathered together at Cathedral Holy Bible Baptist Church. The host Pastor Rev. B. Person's choir led the music and created a good sprit. Many of them were Family Federation members.

They came after they had finished their work in the west suburbs area. Mrs. Ogden and Mr. Rinkema organized the car pool for TMs. It took 2 hours for them to come, yet many TMs came.

Rev. Edward Davis, the Pastor of the St. John Missionary Baptist Church was so impressed to see the attendance of our Family Federation people. He confessed at the pulpit' he was so shocked to see many of us".

Rev. Booker J. Person said; " I didn't know Bishop Kim has such an army." It was just beginning of the revival between the Christian church and us. Rev. Maxine Walker, Dr. Fred Harris, Rev. Amos Oweseni, Dr. Oabonraya (Vice President UMI), and a few more Pastors were there.