Wednesday - June 27, 2001

Revival was held at Faith Mission CME Church, Rev. Artemese Dennis, pastor.

The theme was " Rebuilding the Family ".

Service was opened with prayer, scripture and songs of worship and praise.

Rev, Shin, National Messiah of Hungary, read a ten minute Hoon Dok with great spiritual power, like that of Baptist Preacher. Then sang the song, Amazing Grace. The audience was visibility moved.

Rev. Dennis gave an informative and inspiring sermon. She went to the book of Ephesians, the 5th and 6th chapters that gives instructions of the family.

She stated that marriage must be honorable; when man and woman marry they become one flesh.

Jesus gave instruction in Matt. 19, concerning divorce, where Jesus says" Whoever divorces his wife, except for adultery, and marries another, commits adultery.

She gave many bible quotes explaining the conduct of each member of the family.

Our AFC Leader, Carl Swearson spoke briefly about the destruction of divorce

and the importance of the family. And everyone said AMEN

After service, the members were saying that this was the first time they have had an Asian person in their church preaching the gospel and they really learned about honoring their bodies from a different prospective.

Though this is a small church with a group of 50, it was but filled with Godfs love

and the Holy Spirit.