Albuquerque, New Mexico

June 27 - 28, 2001

Faith Tabernacle Church was the site of the first Albuquerque Ministers Revival on the Family. Pastor Lloyd and Pastor Ivy Wheeler helped plan and host the event at their Full Gospel Baptist Church. The Wheelers have been raised to the position of overseers in the Full Gospel Baptist Conference of the Southwest. He is overseer for fourteen districts in the Conference.

The theme of the revival was restoring the family. Due to a short planning time of two weeks, the revival was divided into four segmentin two days. The first day's program included a welcoming tea, then a slide presentation on the three blessings entitled Vision of the Family. Noriko Heitzinger, Program Emcee, set the tone for the revivals with a heartistic sharing about God's heart. UTS graduate Kasia Stevens gave the slide presentation. It was an educational presentation on the family as requested
by our pastors at the prayer breakfast. After the slide presentation we moved to the sanctuary for the 2nd segment. Pastor Ivy Wheeler was the Emcee. The Faith Tabernacle Choir sang a song followed by a performance by the Praise Dancers. Pastor Lloyd Wheeler gave a sermon on the Prodigal Son. Pastor Wheeler said he was grateful to have the teenagers and children in the service and directed the sermon toward them. All were moved by the Holy Spirit.

The second night was also divided into slide presentation and sermon. Noriko Heitzinger again set the tone for the night as the Emcee and Kasia Stevens presented the slides on spiritual growth entitled Growing Up. Pastor Wheeler invited all ministers attending to sit in the front pew so he could look them in the eye while he sang a solo in preparation for the sermon. The Wheelers selected Reverend Yasushisa Tanaka of Family Federation to give the sermon on the second night. He spoke on 1 Corinthians 13: the greatest of all is love and Matthew 5:48 "Be ye perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect."He was given a standing ovation at the end of the sermon.

The revival was attended by Rev. Byron Rogers, Powerhouse Church of God, Pastor Brian Harvey, Yaweh's Temple of Praise, Dick Long, Catholic Church, Pastor Michael Holton, Community Worship Center, Pastor Brooks, Faith Tabernacle, and Rev. Lloyd and Ivy Wheeler. There were 50 in attendance including family and children the first night, and forty in attendance the second night.

Reverend Wheeler said he was delighted the first of the minister revivals was held in his Church. He said "Just look what we have done, this is a historic event. We are going to turn Albuquerque upside down."

The next event is scheduled for Rev. Byron Rogers church mid July, and Rev. Cates Church in August.