The Free Gospel Church of God in Christ

Wednesday - June 27, 2001

Two days before the Revival Meeting, 3 Japanese Missionaries and visited the neighborhood of that church with flyer and asking for donation for our activities. It was really inspiring experience. They met a Pastor's wife, a gentle man who donated $10.

On that day, 4 young people came from there. They were very inspired by the speech. The Pastor was very happy to see them.

Pastor Grant opened the evening by introducing Rev. Sun Myung Moon as the Dynamic Warrior for God who is going around teaching families to come together at this appointed hour when a world in crisis needs healing from above. Dr. Ekaette Heyliger and Rev. David Tranberg gave a powerful review of the historic 50-state tour that Dr. Moon conducted in exactly 51 days. Then came the message of the hour "Bring your Family back to God" delivered with intensity and sincerity by our Regional Women's Federation Chair Person, Rev. Elaysandria R. Kasongo. She clearly showed the deviation we have taken since we walked away from the word of God and that now God's anointing and healing of family was available to us this words brought the congregation to its feet and they deeply thanked God for such a blessed message.

Pastor Grant was so inspire by high-spirited atmosphere that he requested that Rev. Elay Kasongo come and officiate their Sunday Service and youth program.

People embraced each other beyond race, denomination. It all ended with wonderful cuisine from the country of the rising sun.

What time is it? It is revival time.