Charleston, South Carolina

June 27 - 29, 2001

Our first Tent Revival was held from June 27-29th with a True Family Values Seminar held on Saturday, June 30th.

Our tent was set up in a section of North Charleston that has deteriorated considerably over the past 20 years. In a three block area around the tent site there are about 7 different churches. All of them are store front churches, with the exception of a large Baptist Church that will seat some 1500 and has a congregation of about 40. The Baptist church is all white and is right in the middle of a poor black and Hispanic area. The location for the tent was donated by Yahtika Weeks, who has a business called Genesis, located right next to the open field.

Rev. Jean B. Kasongo, Vice-Regional Director for the FFWPU Region 6, was our featured speaker the first night, Rev. Tony Gordon, a Zion AME minister from Columbia, spoke the second night, and Bishop Anna L. Montgomery, of the Promisedland Pentecostal Holiness Church spoke our third night. Rev. Gordon had just returned from a 3 day FFWPU conference for ministers in Alabama and was very inspired. Bishop Montgomery, who is 77, went to Korea back in the 80s and is always eager to tell people about her experience praying with Rev. Moon on the mountain.

Our revival started small and by Friday there were about 50 people under our tent. On the final night we had one man come off the street and that had a drinking problem and he was prayed over by Bishop Montgomery and several other ministers. At the Saturday seminar about 15 people attended. The seminar was held in a church right across the street from the tent. A very lively discussion took place at the point where it was pointed out that what happened in the Garden had nothing to do with an apple. The minister who allowed us to use his church for the seminar insisted that the first sin was disobedience and had nothing to do with a sexual act. During the discussion, Rev. Burnett Jacques, who went to Korea in the 80s, supported the lecturer with Bible quotes that were not used in the presentation.


Our second revival at the same location was held on July 11-13. This time the main talk on all three nights was given by Rev. Alexander Ravenel, II. Rev. Ravenel went to hear True Father at the We Will Stand event in Washington, DC and attended the 3-day conference that was held afterwards. He was very inspired by the whole 4 day experience and also went to hear True Father at the church in Harlem, NY. He and sister Jaquetta Devine, a member of his church, were the rock upon which this whole revival was launched.


Just before our second revival one of the ministers who came to our second night heard Rev. Gordon say something about Rev. Moon and the so-called Moonies. What he said was very positive, but the Rev., whose church is right down the street from the tent, decided that the Moonies were in control. He printed up a flier with the headline---Warning, Warning,Warning-Moonies controlling revival on Reynolds avenue. He then passed this out to all the churches in the area where the tent is and to all the local ministers who had spoken the first week. Sister Devine, who was supporting the revival completely on faith in what Rev. Ravenel had told her about his experiences with Rev. Moon, was somewhat shaken by the flier from this negative minister. She went to Bishop Montgomery to get her advice and she told her not to worry about it because she had prayed on a mountain in Korea with Rev. Moon and he is truly a man of God.


Rev. Ravenel took the persecution as an encouragement and sister Devine said that God wanted him to do all 3 night of the second revival.

When Rev. Alexander Ravenel, II gave the service on the first night he talked about True Fathers words on being fruitful---which he called being married to God--.

The second night he asked for a picture of True Parents from us and he showed this picture to everyone that came that night and he talked about them and the profound truth they have brought for our time. After he showed the picture he put it on top of one of the speakers where it stayed the rest of the service. Towards the end of the service one minister who we had not known before got up to give a testimony and she picked up this picture of True Parents and look at it for a while after she finished.

The third night Rev. Ravenel took True Father's speech from DC and read several passages directly from it. During his talk on True Father's words Rev. Ravenel talked about the need to start a newsletter that would eventually lead to a newspaper to support the effort to break down the barriers of denominationalism and racism and to build True Families. Also, sister Devine was truly revived this night and had a real Holy Spirit experience-she was shouting at the top of her lungs that God had told her we had to take everything back from Satan. She gave a very powerful testimony about her life that set everyone's spirits on fire.


By the end of the night 6 people came into the tent from off the street and all of them were brought forward and prayed for and allowed to give testimony. One of the men said he had been invited to the bar right across the street from our tent by a friend. When he saw the tent he decided he should be at the tent and not the bar. When he gave his testimony he said he was a former minister who used to preach in Charleston but he gave in to the temptations of flesh and resigned from the ministry. That was almost 20 years ago and he said he had recently felt the need to return to teaching the word of God and he was grateful to see our tent.

Our TFV seminar on Saturday, held at Rev. George Jenkin's Nehemiah Ministries Family Worship Center, was again attended by about 15 people. It was again very inspiring and this time there was no disagreement about how the fall occurred and in fact everyone that had not been to the seminar before agreed that this explanation of the Fall made a lot of sense.

After the seminar on Saturday many of the people at the seminar were involved in a business meeting Rev. Ravenel called. There was only one person at the business meeting who had not participated in the revival or seminars yet. Rev. Ravenel made sure that the man knew that all of us had been brought together by Rev. Moon and that he need to know that if he was going to be a part of this business effort. Rev. Ravenel takes every opportunity to testify to True Parents.


After the final night of the second revival Rev. Ravenel told me he was willing to have Rev. Moon match him. He is currently married and has 16 (that's right -16) children, all by the same wife. However his wife does not support his ministry and sometimes had tired to discourage those that go to his church. She does not attend his church and owns and runs a nightclub. Even though they live together their mariage is dead he said, because of her lifestyle. He said God would have to change his heart about his current wife before God could ever change her and he didn't know if that was what God wanted yet. Therefore he is open to the possibility of Rev. Moon either helping to heal his own heart and marriage or match him to someone that would support his ministry.


Our third tent Revival at the same location will be held July 18-20 with a TFV seminar on Saturday July 21. This time our seminar will be held at the Genesis business that is located on the same grounds as our tent.


We must give a lot of credit to Rev. John Jackson, Sister Christine Loadholt, Rev. John Phiri, Randall Reeves, and brother Brian, who all have faithfully traveled 4- hours roundtrip for every day of both our revivals and both of our seminars. Their faith and support have been an inspiration to all of us here in Charleston.


We would also like to ask everyone for their prayers for Rev. Alexander Ravenel, II, sister Jacquetta Devine and David and Sanae Doose. Everyone involved in the Charleston revival has made serious financial sacrifices. Sister Devine had her phone disconnected because she couldn't pay the bill and she barely got her rent paid. She has her own design and sign business but has not been able to devote any time to it. Rev. Ravenel recently sent his mortgage payment off without having the cash to cover it. He drives a Taxi but has nowhere near the time to drive that he usually has. Also the Dooses now have bill collectors calling them and are facing serious financial problems.
Everyone is literally giving all of their time and money to this to make it a success because we all know it is extremely important for God's providence.