Chicago, Illinois

Thursday - June 28, 2001

God is great, and so good to us. More than yesterday many more Family federation members came. A total of 450 people gathered together. TFV Choir led the music and sang "Amazing Grace".

That brought the Holy Spirit, one Kodan sister, Mrs. Akemi Nguyen led this song as a solo, many Pastors and people stood up and praised the Lord, Jesus Christ and God.
Rev. Booker Person, Rev. Edward Davis, all other Pastors were praising God, Jesus, and Rev. Moon, Bishop Kim, and Family Church and everybody. The spirit was so high.
Bishop Ki Hoon Kim gave one man Healing and prayed for him.
The man fell down on the floor. Bishop Kim seemed so surprised to see what God and TP & Jesus have done though him. Many people felt the powerful anointing power behind Bishop Kim. After that happened, many more people came to Bishop Kim to receive healing and 3 people joined on this day of revival. Hallelujah.