Chicago, Illinois

Friday - June 29, 2001

We wanted to do something a little different, that was a BBQ.

The Cathedral Holy Bible BC people and FFWPU members were so excited, because of the BBQ and we did door to door, inviting the people to the BBQ. We divided the foods to prepare and came early in the evening and started cooking. Host church people set up most of the BBQ. Rev. Booker Person himself came early and helped us a lot. It was a nice cooking fellowship centered on BBQ. At same time 20 (over 10years old) FFWPU young people came and did door to door centering on Mrs. Sometani and Mrs. Nagai. It was very hot weather, but they were so determined to do it, because it is 40 days special time now. About 200 people were gathered together for the BBQ. They all enjoyed BBQ and we all took pictures together in front of the Church.

The revival started 7:30pm. 500 people were there. It was such a special day because FFWPU President of North America, Rev. Michael Jenkins came. Rev. M. Walker, Rev. Owens, Rev. Stokes, Rev. James Hampton, Rev. Fred. Harris, Bishop Crawford, Rev. Connie Bansa, and many more pastors, over 15 Pastors and ministers were there. They all were happy to see Rev. Jenkins as well as they see Father Moon.

The majority of the audience was young 10 to 18 years old and came from Rev. Edward Davis's church and Rev. Booker J. Person's Church and CARP and FFWPU young people. Our CARP & STF members were great; they always supported this revival.

St. John Missionary BC Choir led the music; their choir was high school graduates. They are young and powerful. Our youth were so inspired to see other young people do well. Mrs. Sometani led the youth (10years old) to sing. They sang Christian song that made many Pastors so happy. The message was good for young people to hear.

Rev. Michael Jenkins testified well to the people about how Father Moon helped Rev. T. L. Barrett's reunion with his wife who had been separated for 10 years. Everybody was so moved to hear it. Bishop Kim really shared at the pulpit how he was grateful for Rev. Booker Person and his members and Rev. Davis who was keynote speaker for 3 days and all other pastors who came and helped this revival. Especially our FFWPU family members, Bishop Kim was so touched by their support and attendance. Greg & Chizuru and children came far from Champaign, which is 3 hours away. Before the revival began, no one expected and no one knew that revival can liberate our brothers and sisters and bring us together to TP. We all see our community has been lifted up with a bright spirit, many of the TMs had great experience with Jesus and Holy Spirit. Thank you so much for TP. and Jesus and GOD.