Chicago, Illinois

Tuesday - July 10, 2001

Over 200 people were packed into the sanctuary of Ashland church. President Jenkins and many our clergy friends such as Rev. Elliott, Dr. Harris, Dr & Mrs. White, Bishop Stornes and Rev. Butts were there. Bishop Johnson came with his whole family and his secretary. His children dressed up in cute Korean traditional costume. Bishop Johnson's preaching was so powerful. One saw spiritual fire on the right side of the sanctuary right after his preaching started. The revival came to a climax with his healing service. At that time, almost everyone present came up to the podium lifting their hands up. It was an awesome scene. Then, at the end, Rev. Jenkins asked Bishop Johnson to give a healing to Rev. Elliott, who was suffering from illness and had lost 70 pounds because of it. People were so moved to see Rev. Jenkins' care for him and their true brotherhood. The first night was so successful.