Chicago, Illinois

Thursday - July 12, 2001

The revival was capped with a spectacular victory. More than the first 2 nights, around 300 people including many pastors, and new guests, gathered at Ashland church. Over 20 people came to Ashland church for the first time. There was almost no space in the huge parking lot that the neighbor company had offered for this revival. Several pastors brought their wives and members. It was so historical for our church because it was the first experience that so many Christian leaders visited our church building and
stood in oneness with us in a revival. Of course, we have organized a lot of events and invited many Christians but not to our church building. Rev. Park, our itinerary worker, was moved and said, "it is still very difficult in Korea to have such a joint revival with established churches. They are still close-minded. Only America -- Chicago can do