Columbus, Ohio

Saturday - September 29, 2001

On Saturday, September 29, 2001 a week after the National Prayer and Healing Service, we held a local service of Prayer and healing as a follow-up. Two ministers from Columbus, Ohio who attended the event in New York on September 22, 2001, Rev. and Mrs. Palladino were very inspired and asked me if we can hold our local one. And in less than one week, we mobilized 40 ministers to attend the event and Rev. Michael Jenkins, President of FFWPU, North America, gave a powerful keynote address to a diverse group of Christians, Buddhists and others. The speech moved everybody to tears and deep introspection. We were really blessed to have Rev. Jenkins come in our midst in a short notice. Thank God and True Parents for the great vision to unify the body of Christ and bring down the walls of denominationalism, racism and religions. We are beginning our local Chapter of ACLC and we will convene on a monthly basis to deepen the vision and the goals.