A Report by Rev. Dr. John Mwamba, Columbus, Ohio
November 24, 2001

In our efforts to unify the Churches and bring racial and religious harmony, we have made a determination not only to invite clergy and ministers to our events, but also and especially to reach out to them and serve them.

Members of the Ohio Family Church volunteering to serve lunch for Thanksgiving at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church. In fron the front roll: Revs. Oscar and Connie Crawford. Fourth from left, Dr. Wallace Chandler.

A day before thanksgiving, we had an opportunity to participate at a food pantry service at the New Salem Missionary Baptist Church. Revs. Oscar and Connie Crawford have been involved with us since I moved to Columbus twenty months ago. He gave food to our all our guests and members when attending Million Family March in Washington DC a year ago. He brought over 100 hundred people to attend True Parents Speaking Tour in Columbus, March 5, 2001. He received a seal gold watch from True Parents and he has been very supportive in many ways.

Members of the Ohio Family Church volunteering at the Meditation Room, Columbus International Airport. Fourth from left, Father John Cassian, organizer of the Port Columbus Interfaith Services.

On Saturday, November 24, 2001, we attended a training to volunteer at the Meditation Room, located at on Concourse C, Baggage Claim Level across from baggage carrousel at Columbus International Airport. The mission of Port Columbus Interfaith Services is to address the spiritual needs of the airport community, and to plan and implement appropriate programs and services. The airport community includes travelers, visitors, airport personnel and those associated with businesses on the airport campus.
The meditation room is to provide a quiet space for private meditation. The room is open daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Persons of all faiths are encouraged and welcome to use the meditation room. There is matt for Moslems, pillows and other material for Buddhists, and all faiths.

Our members and missionaries signed up to volunteer on some days.
We hope to continue to rend services to people and especially meet the needs of people from the bottom to top.
God bless!
Rev. Dr. John Mwamba.