Statement by Maria Sung Milingo,
Wife of Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo
[Before the release of Vatican Statement]

Rome, Italy
August 14, 2001

My name is Maria Sung, and I am the wife of Monsignor Milingo.

Every day some different person says they are speaking for my husband. And every day more lies are told. They tried to claim that I did not come to Italy with my husband. They said I abandoned him and went back to America. They said my husband called me, or my husband left me, and so on: all lies. That is why I do not believe them.

Before we landed in Italy, he told me that he would be facing great danger. e promised to protect me with his life, and told me to trust him. Since we have been separated, the Archbishop called me only once, last Wednesday. He said he was facing great difficulty, and could not speak freely. He promised to call back. Since then, the only things I heard him say from his own lips, are the same things that you heard him say: That he will not decide about our future without me, that the church must respect my human rights, and that he wants to talk to me.

But so far, NONE of these things have happened. They have not let my husband speak with me to make our decisions. They have not respected my right as his wife to see him. I ask and ask, but no one will tell me where he is. They do not respect me. They have not respected my husbandfs wishes. I do not believe that they care about him at all. They care only about themselves. That is why I do not believe them.

Before being an archbishop, Emmanuel Milingo is a human being, and he is my husband. He is not the personal property of the Vatican, to do whatever they please with him. He belongs to God, and God is not doctrines, or rules, or power and fearc God is love.

I love Emmanuel Milingo with all my heart, and am ready to give my life to protect him, just as he would do for me. I want to meet my husband face to face, without anyonefs control - anyone.

This morning, August 14, 2001, I began fasting until he is free to meet me, or until I die. I will pray at St. Peterfs Square every day at 6:00 AM, and I ask God that wherever he is, my husband will hear my prayers, feel that I am with him, and know that I will never, ever leave him.

the Name of Christ, our Lord,

Maria Sung Milingo

August 14, 2001